This page shows a collection of resources.

This is not a student landing place!

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The resources are here more as an index for teachers. From here you will be directed to some kind of a settings page. The settings page shows the resources that are available, give suggestions for using them in a class, give links (if any). The settings page is also NOT A STUDENT LANDING PAGE. The settings should be copied into a more personal LMS, an email, a twitter tweet, … And should only include the parts that you need, translated if needed, ….

The settings pages gives the links that can be shared with students. Share it in your own exercises. The resources are free to use. If explanation is in Dutch try to use a translator if necessary.

Minkowski diagram generator

This is a graphic Minkowski diagram generator. Use “save as” to save the image or play with it in a browser. Tested with Firefox en Chrome, but working in most browsers. Too small for a phone. Students can use it to help understand Minkowski.

Snake race (motion)

Things that move can be analyzed with a graph. Measure the time it takes to move a certain distance, create a table with the measurements, and create a graph. Snake race is there to practice these skills. Two introduction video’s (in Dutch). And some online snake races to practice snakes that acceleratie, have a constant motion or slow down.

The online snake races have a “race only” version (students create the table and the graph), and a version with a table as well (students only practice making a graph), an a full version (with table and graph) as some kind of a solution which also can be used for instruction.

Torque exercises

Create your own torque images to use in educational exercises